Drooling Baby Bib
Drooling Baby Bib
Drooling Baby Bib
Drooling Baby Bib

Drooling Baby Bib

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Every baby drools all over the place and the bib get worn out and then you have to buy anew bib. With the Hydra Crate™ Drooling Baby Bib allows you to reuse the baby bib multiple times. 

So weather you have a sloppy drooling baby or a clean baby, the Hydra Crate™ Drooling Baby Bib is for everybody. The Drooling Baby Bib not only keeps your baby clean it saves you a lot of money. We had a customer that told us that his family saved hundreds of dollars just from buying our reusable Baby Bib.



HydraCrate™ Drooling Baby Bib is not about a temporary fix. The lightweight and soft material makes it comfortable for all babies. The breathable and absorbent material allows the Drooling Baby Bib to be easily washed and allows you to reuse the Baby Bib many times.


Question: Is this bib reusable?

Answer: Yes, here at Hydra Crate™ we have made a bib that is reusable and saves you hundreds of dollars. We have been told several personal stories from customers saying that this product saved them hundreds of dollars.

Question: Will this bib stay in place and not rotate to the babies shoulder?

Answer: Yes, our Drooling Baby Bib has a specially designed snap in the back of the bib so that the bib will not rotate.

Question: How do i wash this?


This product is made of 100% cotton. To avoid cotton deformation, please don't srub it with your hand. Recommended to hand wash the bibs with detergent and softener to soak in cold water for three minutes, then rinse it with clean water. Improper machine washing and drying may cause color fading and shape or size alteration.




I am IN LOVE with these bibs!!! My son is a year old and he drools SOO much it is embarrassing!! We always have to have a big on him or he ends up soaked 
I feel like the traditional bibs look kind of funny on him when we are out and about but these drooling baby bibs so cute! I've had so many compliments on them too!

Now on to the important parts! The snaps work great and my son has not been able to pull them off! Also they fit his HUGE head! His head is literally off the charts it is so large so I worried these bibs may not last us long but we still have them on the smaller setting and we can go one snap less in the future (2 snaps) They survive well in the washer and dryer!
This is super important because some bibs that keep babies dry also melt in the dryer. :( Also the top material is great at absorbing the drool and the bottom layer is NEVER wet. These are the only bibs I have ever used that are not "waterproof" that actual truly keep him dry. Seriously these are my new obsession and I think we may need to buy many more to accessorize ;)
They also came as pictured above.


If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can easily and quickly contact our helpful customer support to get an easy refund. We just ask that you at least give the product a 2 week try and we'll refund you, no questions!



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